Cloudburst FAQ

How much does the system cost?

Costs will vary per home according to design and installation variables. Costs include electric pump, piping, sprinklers and installation. An average size home will be in the range of R50 000.


Will it affect the aesthetics of my home?

Our well trained Installation Team has the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure an aesthetically pleasing completed project. Piping can easily be disguised and the sprinklers are small enough to go unnoticed.


Why should I install this system when I have never had a fire?

Thatch roofs are extremely vulnerable and exposed to the spread of fire. Embers have been known to travel hundreds of metres in windy conditions that can easily start an uncontrollable inferno. Having a drenched roof will prevent this spread and result in peace of mind, reduced risk and potential savings in insurance tariffs.


By how much will my insurance premium be reduced?

Tariffs will most certainly be reduced however reductions may depend on current contracts and insurance providers.


Can it be automated?

The electric pump can be automated and remotely controlled from various points such as the fire brigade.


Who will service the system and make sure it is working as intended?

We offer service plans to routinely check on the operational performance.


Will it extinguish a fire?

Even though the system is extremely effective, the inferno created from thatch fires are difficult to extinguish. It will most certainly help, but be advised the system is designed for prevention and protection.


How long does it last?

The Floppy Sprinkler has won many awards for its breakthrough in irrigation technology, made from robust materials that do not experience wear and tear. Our oldest sprinkler has been running 27 years.  Pumps and pipes will most certainly fail before the sprinkler does which comes down to 3rd party warranty.