Frutos Lebombos prefers Floppy!

By Denise Lombard

Frutos Lebombos is currently the leading banana grower in Mozambique. After intensive research the company decided to install the Floppy Sprinkler permanent riser system on its plantations situated in the southern part picturesque Mozambique.

Impementation Considerations



Wikus Joubert, Manager, BGASA.jpg

By Wikus Joubert, Manager, BGASA

South Africa is a country subjected to an erratic rainfall pattern and subsequent serious sporadic droughts with a detrimental effect on harvests. The only sensible way to combat these conditions is to cultivate crops under irrigation. Even in years of good precipitation irrigation is still a prerequisite to optimal production.

Biological Farming Explained

It is important to understand that biological farming is not new. Generations of farmers have successfully followed this farming method. They knew how to work the land and understood the process of harnessing nature. Biological farming today is a system that uses nature and science to build the quality of the soil with the understanding that healthy soil will be able to support healthy crops and livestock. It takes advantage of natural processes, which promote good soil, healthy crops, and healthy animals.