Irrigation System Quotations

Floppy Sprinkler advocates comparing quotations to keep pricing competitive. However, one must compare “apples with apples”, or ensure an “equal measuring stick”. By the same token a full irrigation design with detailed specifications and priced item list takes time and expertise and is valuable!

The points below provide enough information for a client to compare irrigation system quotations on an equal footing, without designers giving away their detailed design or item list until a firm order, deposit, or design fee is confirmed.

Jubilation about sugar cane!

Umtombo Wemphilo artikel.jpg
From right:
Sikelela Mkhatshwa - Chairman, Visitor,
Aaron Matfonsi - Supervisor, Martha Lidwansjwe - Member,
Lennard - Irrigator, Jeremia Ndwandwe - Secretary,
Peter Kubheka - Sales Representative

A dense bush of sugar cane wherever you look! That was the picture; we got during a recent visit to a farm run by the Umtombo Wemphilo Farmers Association in Swaziland.

Ekuvinjelweni building a legacy with Floppy

is one of the biggest sugar exporters in Africa. More than 50% of its agricultural exports consist of sugar cane. Sugar projects in Swaziland range from small subsistence farmers to large commercial estates. The major estates are Mhlume, Simunye, and Ubombo Sugar. Other key operations include Tambankulu, Crookes Brothers and Big Bend.

In an effort to promote growth, the Government of Swaziland has allocated several hectares of arable land to numerous small-scale farmers as an effort to promote a climate of self-sufficiency and alleviate poverty simultaneously creating more job opportunities. These groups of farmers form part of different registered growers associations. The Ekuvinjelweni Farmers Association chaired by Nhlangano Malundusa cultivates an area of 194 hectares of sugar cane in the Maguga Host area in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Floppy making headway in Swaziland!

During 1992, a bi-national treaty on Development and Utilization of Water Resources of the Komati River Basin was signed between the Kingdom of Swaziland and the Republic of South Africa.

The aim of the project was to improve the management of water resources in the Komati River Basin. To do this the Governments of both countries embarked on a long-term plan of building a total of nine dams that will supply the area of water. The Driekoppies Dam in South Africa and the Maguga Dam in Swaziland was built during the first phase of the project.

Floppy synonymous with sustainability!

Sustainable agricultural practices are an effort to make farming activities compatible to Mother Nature’s eco system. Making a shift from conventional farming to biological farming is a serious decision.  Biological farming harnesses science and nature to create superior farming practices through a systemic approach. Biological farmers use natural systems to improve soil structure, control weeds, pests, and diseases whilst improving crop quality.

Meintjies boer vooruit met sy Sprinklers

Sedert die installasie van die Oorhoofse Floppy sisteem op op sy plaas Kingsdale naby Oos London, was Mickey Meintjies nog nooit ‘n enkele sekonde spyt nie. Meintjies het na deeglike ondersoek besluit om die Floppy sisteem op ‘n area van 8 hektaar te installer weens die alsydigheid van die stelsel, die sisteem se groot waterbesparingsvermoë asook die voordeel dat die Floppy Sprinkler van nil en gener waarde vir diewe is omdat dit gemaak word van plastiek en silikoon.