Drought hit farmers world-wide


Every time you watch TV or read a newspaper you see articles about drought and floods across the world. Seven of the world’s largest rivers do not flow into the ocean anymore. Here we think of the Yellow River in China, the Colorado river in America and this month the Po River in India has also run dry! Worldwide, farmers and governments are looking for technologies for the sustainable utilization of water.


Floppy and Egyptian Megaproject

Industrious Egyptians are currently busy building the largest irrigation project in the world. Christo Theron, technical director of Floppy Sprinkler has visited the Toshka construction site in Egypt numerous times. Toshka is a large scale project of irrigation and spatial planning, covering areas not on the banks of the Nile but utilizing areas deeper into the desert that will be irrigated by pumped water from the Nile. This is an effort by the Egyptians to move away from the over-populated area around the Nile river and Nile Delta and opening nearly half a million hectares of Sahara Desert for agricultural use in the first phase of the project.

Turning Egypt green!


Egyptian history might have started in the Paleolithic era but the fact remains that modern day Egyptians are still making history with the building of the largest irrigation project in the world!

Floppy doing well in America!


mark gunther.jpg
Mark Gunter,
owner of Zig Enterprises Inc. - Canada

Zig Enterprises Inc. - Distributor to the commercial agricultural market in the USA and Canada for the range of Floppy Sprinkler products is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia and owned by Mark & Deborah Gunter. The company was established in 2000, providing irrigation consultancy services to the residential, golf and commercial/municipality market in Canada.


'n Suid-Afrikaanse maatskappy, Floppy Sprinkler van Nelspruit, het 'n groot slag geslaan met 'n kontrak by die grootste besproeiingsprojek ter wêreld wat tans in Egipte ontwikkel word. Die floppy-sprinkelaar is 'n eg Suid-Afrikaanse produk wat plaaslik ontwikkel is.

Lucerne flourishes under Floppy

All the water in the Orange River is of no use if you cannot get it on your lucerne efficiently and profitably, says Willem van Zyl of Orania.

Until a year or two ago Willem was a dry-land farmer in the Standerton district. When he bade the dry-lands farewell to be an irrigation farmer at Orania he was determined to do it right. He thoroughly investigated all options before deciding on an irrigation system.