Soil compost abstract

History books are full of stories about the decline and fall of many great nations.  Soil decline was always the start of the fall.  Poor soils result in failure of the economy and then the defence system. But if history were closely studied and the truth were known, you would find it was really decline of the mind that made the difference – and the mind begins to decline as soon as the soil begins to produce food that is empty of nutrients.

Conventional farming vs natural farming

a Clean development mechanism for nutrient dense food production, agricultural land reform and production of biofuel and nutriceuticals in Africa.

An interview by Liza van der Merwe with Johan Bruwer

Johan Bruwer is a resource and agricultural economist based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga for the last 15 years. During this time he has grappled with issues regarding sustainability of modern agricultural practices, or the lack thereof. Not perturbed by his less successful attempt to persuade the Mpumalanga Provincial Government to adopt an agricultural clean development mechanism (agCDM) as a central theme in their 2006 sector development strategy, he decided to initiate a biological farming trial at the Nelspruit-based Timbali Technology Incubator.

Root Development

The plant is the most important part in crop production. The roots of the plants spread through soil, absorb water and minerals which are transported to the stem, branches and leaves. They also give firm anchorage to the plant and in addition accumulate nutrients. As important as this may seem it is surprising that the roots are the least known about, the least understood and the least appreciated part of a plant. This is undoubtedly true to the fact that they are “out of sight and out of mind”.

Floppy Sprinkler: Irrigating for the future!

By Denise Lombard

Seventy percent of the world’s water supply is used for agricultural purposes. With the growing demand for water and the rapidly diminishing world water supply, the development of water efficient technologies have become crucial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Floppy Sprinkler System more efficient than conventional irrigation systems?

The Floppy Sprinkler is the only sprinkler in the world with a built-in flow controller. This ensures accurate and even water application even on slopes. The Floppy Sprinkler produces uniform medium sized droplets. This means no water loss through mist evaporating before reaching the ground.

Company History

South Africa is a water scarce country and the agricultural sector utilizes more than 50% of  the available water resources in the country. The irrigation fraterninty is constantly being challenged to manage water demand and implement more effective irrigation methods.