Water is a precious commodity

Water is a precious commodity. With the growing demand for water and the rapidly diminishing world water supply, the development of efficient irrigation technologies that enhances the sustainability and productivity of agricultural system is key to the conservation of our natural resources.

The ability of farmers to increase their yield per drop of water is of paramount importance as 40% of our food is derived from irrigated land. 

One way to increase yields and save water is by avoiding over irrigation. Farmers need to move away from the idea of rather putting on too much water than too little. While under irrigation impacts negatively on yields the same applies for over irrigation.

Over irrigation hinders the effective intake of nutrients in plants and leads to a depletion in the oxygen content of the soil. During times of oxygen deficiency the growth of a plant stops until enough oxygen is replenished.  

With the Floppy solid set system it is possible to irrigate small quantities of water more frequently and plants are therefore not stressed to a point of wilting. The total root area is irrigated resulting in optimum root development and yields. 

Above average yields can be realized when an efficient irrigation system is used in accordance with effective scheduling practices.