Irrigation System Quotations

Floppy Sprinkler advocates comparing quotations to keep pricing competitive. However, one must compare “apples with apples”, or ensure an “equal measuring stick”. By the same token a full irrigation design with detailed specifications and priced item list takes time and expertise and is valuable!

The points below provide enough information for a client to compare irrigation system quotations on an equal footing, without designers giving away their detailed design or item list until a firm order, deposit, or design fee is confirmed.

If any of the specifications are optional, e.g. automation of valves or filter flushing, separate prices should be shown.

System Capacity:

1. Design application: application per day (mm/day) gross, net.
2. Design pumping day (hrs/day).
3. Design pumping week (days/week).
4. Reference application: if system runs 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.

Layout & Management:

1. How many irrigation blocks, (valves) in the system.
2. How many irrigation blocks, (valves) run together in a shift.
3. Manual or automated valve control.
4. Sketch showing irrigation block layout & irrigation shifts.
5. Sketch of mainline, sub main & lateral layout.
6. Sketch indicating crop row directions with cable & pole layout.

System specification:

1. System type: Riser, Roll out, Overhead Cable.
2. Lateral & sprinkler spacing: 12 x 14 metre, triangular/rectangular.
3. Minimum riser (structure) height. Ground clearance: 4.5 metre.

Qualitative description of materials:

1. Type of sprinkler: Black Floppy Sprinkler.
2. Polyethylene pipe: SABS, Virgin material, First generation regrind, general.
3. PVC pipe: mPVC SABS-1, uPVC SABS-2, solvent weld, z-lok seal
4. Poles: CCA, Creasote, oil treated gum poles, galvanized/painted steel poles.
5. Cable: 7 x 2 Stay wire, 7 x 7 steel wire rope cable.
6. Valves: ball, gate, hydraulic, PRV, Mechanical throttle.
7. Filter: screen with brush, bank of disk filters, automate or hand flush.
8. Pump: centrifugal, piston, rotor & stator & motor speed size in kW.
9. The manufacturers/brands and guarantees given to all products.
10. Automation: electronic/mechanical timer, controller, 24 V A/C, 12 V DC, wireless.

Installation & Delivery:

1. Installation included, supply only.
2. Expected delivery & lead times &/or completion/ commissioning times.

Payment Terms:

1. Deposit on order.
2. C.O.D. Progress payment, 30 day account.