Floppy doing well in America!


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Mark Gunter,
owner of Zig Enterprises Inc. - Canada

Zig Enterprises Inc. - Distributor to the commercial agricultural market in the USA and Canada for the range of Floppy Sprinkler products is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia and owned by Mark & Deborah Gunter. The company was established in 2000, providing irrigation consultancy services to the residential, golf and commercial/municipality market in Canada.


In 2001, while attending the Irrigation Association trade show, John Langa of JML & Associates introduced Mark to the directors of Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd., Johann Hiemstra, Christo Theron and Anton Newbury. Excited by the simplicity and unique features of the product ZIG Enterprises Inc. agreed to introduce the Floppy Sprinkler to the nursery growers in Western Canada and North West USA.

British born with schooling in South Africa, Mark chose a career in agriculture after a brief period in the banking industry in the UK. He attended Agricultural College completing a comprehensive course in farm management while working at a dairy farm. He later moved to the Middle East to manage various large scale farming operations.

The irrigation industry very quickly became the focal point for the future. Joining Reed Irrigation Systems Company he was involved in the design and installation of drip irrigation projects followed by managing a large commercial system in Saudi Arabia. To further his knowledge and experience he spent 20 years with the Torro Company, looking after the technical services for users and distributors throughout the Middle East, Europe and Southern Africa. He then moved to Canada to support the specification market for Landscape Architects, Government Departments and Municipalities.

Irrigation of crops, nursery plants, and landscapes is a very important part of Mark’s business. It is the driving force for better water management techniques to conserve a very precious, and unappreciated, natural resource.



This nursery in British Columbia
was one of the first customers and
has about 20 acres under
Floppy irrigation.

Mark’s desire is to work as closely as possible with the growers. With his wealth of experience he is able to advise on suitable layouts for irrigation design, water flow requirements, problem solving for existing systems and upgrades.

The Floppy Sprinkler has been sold in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to date. In the USA, products have been sold in Washington State, Oregon, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado and Connecticut. Marketing to the other States in the USA continues promoting and bringing back the personal touch to the Irrigation business.