Turning Egypt green!


Egyptian history might have started in the Paleolithic era but the fact remains that modern day Egyptians are still making history with the building of the largest irrigation project in the world!


The Egyptian Government’s project of opening up suitable arable land in the Saharan desert for irrigation purposes is going according to plan and every effort is made to ensure future sustainable utilization of water resources for the Egyptian people. 

Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd.  is proud to be involved with such a large scale irrigation project. Just this month, Floppy Sprinkler shipped 36 000 sprinklers to Egypt for the next phase of the Toshka project which will irrigate a further 600 Ha’s of desert area.

Floppy Sprinkler’s primary concern is the sustainable utilization of our world’s scarce water and energy resources. According to Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme: “Sustainable development is not merely a vision. Quite the contrary, it is an essential precondition to achieve prosperity for all.” (www.energyglobe.info).

It is evident that efficient irrigation systems will become the focus of the new millennium.  Furthermore, the ability of farmers to increase their yield per drop of water is of paramount importance.  To this end Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. has expended great effort with agronomists and irrigation consultants in distilling new irrigation methodologies to complement the Floppy Sprinkler system, and in so doing, to dramatically increase tonnage whilst decreasing water and energy consumption.

Only quality materials are used in the manufacturing process!

 Each sprinkler is precision made
from the finest materials

The materials used to manufacture the Floppy Sprinkler are controlled very closely. Random quality tests are executed at frequent intervals. All components are manufactured exclusively for Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. and are not available to any other manufacturers or distributors. Plastic and silicone components are used for the product. Plastic parts are manufactured locally (comprising 70% of the completed product), while all silicone components are imported from Austria and Germany (30% of the completed product). These plastic and silicone parts have no scrap value and a remarkably long life span – contributing to a most economic product.

Therefore it is with pride and confidence in our product that Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. offers a five year guarantee on all Floppy Sprinklers and Floppy components. This offer is unsurpassed in the irrigation industry!

 36 000 Floppy Sprinklers packed
and ready to go!