Drought hit farmers world-wide


Every time you watch TV or read a newspaper you see articles about drought and floods across the world. Seven of the world’s largest rivers do not flow into the ocean anymore. Here we think of the Yellow River in China, the Colorado river in America and this month the Po River in India has also run dry! Worldwide, farmers and governments are looking for technologies for the sustainable utilization of water.



We are proud of our sprinkler that now irrigates crops in Sudan, Egypt, Texas, Australia, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe to name but a few countries.

Projects in countries such as Mauritania and Libya are also in the pipeline.  

The reason for our growth is the simplistic and easy manageability of the system, increase in yield and the water and energy savings that result.

We thank our existing clients for their support and assure you of our best possible service at all times.