Floppy Sprinkler - A remarkable product!

Water is scarce! Seventy percent of the world’s water supply is used for agricultural purposes. With the growing demand for water and the rapidly diminishing world water supply, the development of efficient irrigation technologies have become crucial.

By Denise Lombard


Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. has developed and patented a new generation sprinkler that embraces the key macro drivers surrounding sustainable agricultural development, namely water efficiency, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in a simplistic and cost effective manner. Years of innovative and dedicated research has resulted in the development of a sprinkler with 90% application efficiencies.

The Floppy Sprinkler is a unique, innovative and modern-looking sprinkler based on cutting edge technology! 

Its origin lies in the successful creation of an alternative emitter to those traditionally used in irrigation. The sprinkler consists of a plastic nipple on which a silicone tube is mounted. When water passes through it, the tube snakes to and fro while slowly rotating through 360°, forming uniform droplets similar to rain drops without any mist formation. A direct 29% water saving coupled with increases in yield result in up to 44% less water used per ton of product harvested.

With the Floppy solid set system it is possible to irrigate small amounts more frequently and plants are therefore not stressed to a point of wilting. The total root area is irrigated resulting in optimum root development and yields. Yield increases of between 15%-30% have been reported on sugar cane.

The Floppy Sprinkler operates at lower pressures – 2 Bar – compared to 3.5 Bar required by conventional impact sprayers. Combined with water savings achieved, this results in a 44% electricity saving.

The sprinkler has no reactionary forces, and can therefore be mounted on a standpipe or on an overhead cable.

The Floppy Sprinkler was the first sprinkler fitted with a non-corrodible built-in flow controller. Advantages of the flow controller include: 

  • Maintaining a constant flow of water, regardless of any fluctuation in water pressure;
  • Ensuring very accurate irrigation, even on slopes;
  • Fertilizers and pesticides can be accurately applied through the system.

The Floppy Sprinkler has numerous cost and performance benefits which include: 

  • Water saving;
  • Energy saving;
  • Environmental sustainability – the Floppy Sprinkler does note require the use of harmful chemicals to clean the system;
  • Labour saving – 75% saving in labour costs;
  • Any shape and size field can be irrigated;
  • No wastage of valuable land through fall-out corners;
  • Steep slopes can be irrigated easily;
  • Wind resistant – the Floppy Sprinkler makes uniform droplets without the formation of mist;
  • Fertigation and chemigation can easily and accurately be done through the system;
  • Different crops with different water requirements can be grown under the system – irrigate each block to its own requirements;
  • Crop cooling can be done efficiently through the system. In a heat wave it can be beneficial especially during the flowering stage in order to prevent wilting and shedding of flowers;
  • During times of drought a partial shutdown of the system is easy;
  • There are no moving parts therefore no wear and tear and no maintenance;
  • Scheduling and management are easy to do;
  • No need for large initial outlay – start with 1 hectare and expand the system to suit your cash flow;
  • Ideal for small scale emergent farmers.

The Floppy Sprinkler has gown from strength to strength as the irrigation system of the future and has received recognition from various institutions. The following prizes have been received in recognition of this remarkable, new product:

 2003  South African TT 100 award for best small enterprise in Mpumalanga
 2003      SABI awarded the silver medal to Floppy for development and special contributions to the irrigation fraternity in South Africa
 Floppy received second prize in the Innovation Irrigation Ideas and Technologies contest endorsed by the World Bank
 2001  Eskom announced Floppy the winners of the Eskom eta Award for energy efficiency
 2000  Floppy received a honourary acknowledgement as best new product at the Australian Irrigation Show
 1991  The Cullinan Award was presented to Floppy Sprinkler for excellence in industrial design.
 The South African Institute for Civil Engineers presented their annual Water Engineering award to Floppy Sprinkler
 1989  The Plastic Federation of South Africa awarded a prize for innovative design.

The Floppy Sprinkler irrigation system is mainly used for agricultural purposes. The unique Floppy Sprinkler design allows for different installation options as required by the crop: Short/Tall Riser System and an Overhead Cable System. Floppy Sprinkler has achieved great success with its various irrigation systems in installations ranging from large commercial growers to parastatals to listed farming companies. Emma Sambo, a small-hold farmer was awarded best female farmer by Department of Agriculture. Emma has achieved great success since irrigating with the Floppy Sprinkler system. Emma achieved 150 tons of cane at 15% sucrose levels which is exceptional. These yields are achievable to more frequent and accurate irrigation and scheduling, made possible with the Floppy System.

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