Company History

South Africa is a water scarce country and the agricultural sector utilizes more than 50% of  the available water resources in the country. The irrigation fraterninty is constantly being challenged to manage water demand and implement more effective irrigation methods.


It is for this reason that Prof. Lourens Hiemstra focused on developing a new generation sprinkler.

The Floppy Sprinkler provides a unique combination of cost and performance efficiency benefits and has been independently tested by the SA Institute for Agricultural Engineering, confirming water and energy savings compared to conventional irrigation systems.

From its humble beginnings the demand for the Floppy Sprinkler has increased extensively and the Floppy Sprinkler is now patented in 34 countries.

Since Floppy Sprinkler started a new advertising campaign in popular agricultural magazines towards the end of last year more than 10,000 ha’s of new enquiries have been received.

Recently Floppy Sprinkler hosted field days in the Gamtoos Valley, Graaff-Reinet, Richmond and Douglas.