Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Floppy Sprinkler System more efficient than conventional irrigation systems?

The Floppy Sprinkler is the only sprinkler in the world with a built-in flow controller. This ensures accurate and even water application even on slopes. The Floppy Sprinkler produces uniform medium sized droplets. This means no water loss through mist evaporating before reaching the ground.


At what pressure does the Floppy operate?

The recommended minimum pressure at the sprinkler is 2 Bar.

I have heard that the Floppy System requires no maintenance, is this true?

The Floppy Sprinkler has no moving and wearing parts and therefore requires little or no maintenance. The nozzle is made of silicone and silt laden water has no effect on it. Large flow paths ensures easy filtration, and no chemicals are needed to flush the system resulting in further maintenance savings. The Floppy Sprinkler is made from plastic and silicone and has no scrap value. The oldest Floppy system is more than 16-years old and is still functioning as good as new. Virtually no maintenance has been required. Considering that Floppy Sprinkler offers a 5-year guarantee on all Floppy components—maintenance should not be a headache.


An illustration of the Floppy Sprinkler
fitted with a flow  controller