Floppy Sprinkler: Irrigating for the future!

By Denise Lombard

Seventy percent of the world’s water supply is used for agricultural purposes. With the growing demand for water and the rapidly diminishing world water supply, the development of water efficient technologies have become crucial. 


Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. has developed and patented a unique and novel sprinkler that embraces the key macro drivers surrounding sustainable agricultural development, namely water efficiency, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in a simplistic and cost effective manner. Years of innovative and dedicated research have resulted in the development of a sprinkler with 90% application efficiencies.

Floppy Sprinkler’s origin lies in its successful creation of an alternative emitter to those traditionally used in irrigation. The sprinkler consists of a plastic nipple on which a flexible silicone tube is mounted. When water passes through the tube it snakes to and fro while slowly rotating through 360°, forming uniform droplets similar to rain drops without any mist formation. The Floppy Sprinkler includes an integral flow controller that regulates the flow of water regardless of changes in pressure. A direct 29% water saving coupled with increases in yield result in up to 40% less water used per ton of product harvested. 

The Floppy Sprinkler is installed as a solid set system with variations according to the irrigated crop’s cultivation practices: Short and Tall Risers ideal for Sugar Cane, bananas, vegetables and tobacco and an Overhead Cable System ideal for vegetables, maize, wheat, lucerne and other crops where tillage practices favour an overhead system.

Another advantage of the Floppy system is that it can save up to 75% in labour costs because no pipes need to be moved, making it therefore easier to manage. 

With the Floppy Sprinkler solid set system it is possible to irrigate more frequently and plants are therefore not stressed. The total root area is irrigated resulting in optimum root development and yields. Yield increases of between 15%-30% have been reported.

The oldest Floppy system is more than 16-years old and is still in very good operating condition. Virtually no maintenance has been required because the Floppy Sprinkler has no moving or wearing parts and therefore requires little or no maintenance. The Floppy Sprinkler is made from plastic and silicone which has no scrap value. The silicone tube is made from Silopren LSR which has a life expectancy of more that 30-years and independent tests have indicated no deterioration over a continuous operation period of 17 800 hours which is equivalent to 36 years of solid set irrigation. 

The Floppy Sprinkler provides a combination of cost and performance efficiency benefits that makes it one of the most efficient irrigation systems available on the market today.

For more information about the Floppy Sprinkler System you can visit the Floppy Sprinkler website at www.floppysprinkler.com or contact Johann or Christo at 013-752 4252 during office hours.