Floppy receives its eighth award!

“Winning a TT100 Award is undoubtedly a great honour – all the more so because of the rigour of the competition’s adjudication process.” (Sunday Times, 30 November 2003)

The winners of the annual Technology Top 100 Awards were announced at a prestigious gala event at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng on 27 November last year.


Over the years the awards program has developed a sophisticated judging process which is thoroughly re-examined and adapted each year. This year the process was managed by the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management in conjunction with the South African Engineering Association and the Department of Science and Technology. The adjudication panel comprised of 50 high profile individuals from government, academia, the private sector and non-profit organizations and the competition was tight. 

More than a 100 entries were received from companies across the country for the categories large & medium enterprises, small enterprises and emerging technology enterprises. The aim of the competition is to highlight and recognize the many achievements of local companies in the technological arena, especially sustainability of technology. An important criterion was that enterprises had aimed to establish long-term competitiveness.

It is during this event that Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. was announced as one of the winners in the small business category! 

Depletion of scarce water resources through usage and drought has necessitated the development of irrigation systems that are more water efficient. It is to this end that Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd. has set itself the aim of keeping abreast with dynamic global scientific technologies developing a unique South African sprinkler that is now patented in 34 countries. Floppy Sprinkler is saving water in 25 countries around the world from the Sahara Desert to the mountain slopes of Hawaii.

The sprinkler is fitted with a flow controller. The flow controller ensures accurate irrigation even on undulating terrain. The sprinkler makes uniform droplets without the formation of mist. This results in a direct 29% water saving as less water is wasted through evaporation. Application efficiencies measured over a 6-month period were 90%! Coupled with increases in yield this result in up to 40% less water used per ton of product produced. 

Recently President Thabo Mbeki declared six drought-stricken provinces as disaster areas – the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and Mpumalanga and now more than ever before, it has become of paramount importance that each drop of water is used efficiently!

 From left:
Adell Breytenbach, General Manager and
Denise Lombard, PRO of Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd.
attended the prestigious awards ceremony.


Prizes awarded to Floppy include:

  • In 2003 SABI awarded the silver medal to Floppy for development and special contributions to the irrigation fraternity in South Africa.
  • In 2002 Floppy received second prize in the Innovative Irrigation Ideas and Technologies contest endorsed by the World Bank. 
  • In 2001 Eskom announced Floppy as the winner of the Eskom ETA Award for energy efficiency.
  • In 2000 Floppy received an honorary acknowledgement as best new product at the Australian Irrigation Show. 
  • In 1991 the Cullinan Award was presented to Floppy Sprinkler for excellence in industrial product design.
  • In 1990 the South African Institute for Civil Engineers presented their annual Water Engineering award to Floppy. 
  • In 1989 the Plastic Federation of South Africa awarded a prize for innovative design.