Any shape and size field can be irrigated.   No wastage of valuable land through fall-out corners.
Steep slopes can be irrigated easily.   Wind resistant due to the fact that the
Floppy Sprinkler makes uniform medium sized droplets with no mist formation.
Fertigation, chemigation and foliar feeding
can easily and accurately be done through the system.
  Different crops with different water requirements can be grown under this system.
A variety of crops and crops in different growth stages
can be cultivated under the system  ~ irrigating each block
to its own requirements.
  Crop cooling can be efficiently done with the system.
In a heat wave it can be beneficial especially in the flowering stage to prevent wilting and
shedding of flowers.
During times of drought or water restrictions
a partial shut down of the system is easy.
  There are no moving parts therefore no wear and tear,
and no maintenance.
Scheduling and management are easy to do resulting in
yield increases of between 15% and 30% but
up to 60% has been reported.
  No need for large initial capital outlay ~
start with 1 hectare and expand the system to suit
your cash flow.
Ideal for small-scale emerging farmers.